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The Kala Ghoda Affair

The Kala Ghoda Affair

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A Crown of Thorns

‘Like all great stories, COVID-19 is a tragedy, a love story gone seriously wrong.’

As COVID-19 sweeps the planet, we are panicked and baffled. Bombarded with disinformation and panic-inducing statistics, we are cowed by the enormity and uncertainty of what’s unfolding.

The narrative, so far, has been about this novel coronavirus.

But COVID-19 is not just about SARS-CoV-2.

It is about the virus and us.

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Kalpana Swaminathan has been writing ever since she learned to hold a pen. Her training as a pediatric surgeon in Grant Medical College, Bombay, has made her look at the human body as an endless storybook. She likes to explore ideas, histories and myths through the factual evidence of the body. Her city, Bombay, is full of opportunities for time travel. And if occasionally daunted by the here and now, she wisely leaves it to her doughty detective L.R. [Last Resort] Lalli to do the investigating—as she has, through eight novels. Kalpana’s anthology of short stories Venus Crossing won the Crossword Fiction Award in 2009.

Ishrat Syed trained as a general and pediatric surgeon in Grant Medical College, Bombay. No matter how far he travels, this city and its past retain their magnetic pull. His photography draws its inspiration from the Sahyadris where he roamed as a boy in Panchgani. The elementals of nature entice him into capturing change—the secret unfurling of a bud or the dance of light in a skyscraper window or the awful but magnificent panorama of a storm. Words are travelers, and he loves the stories they contain. Ishrat carries these sensibilities into his enquiries into the environment and the emergence of disease.

Kalpish Ratna

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